About Melanie Grimes

Melanie Kornfeld Grimes, screenwriter, author, medical editor and homeopath.

Information on homeopathy, screenwriting, and M.J. Feet, the Birkenstock Store, and her new book, Dr. John Bastyr, Philosophy and Practice. Board member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and member of Women in Film (WIF) and Continuum Member of Northwest Screenwriter's Guild (NWSG). Adjunct faculty at Bastyr University and Seattle School of Homeopathy, Melanie is a frequent lecturer internationally. She is a health expert columnist at www.healthnews.com.

Melanie Grimes, RSHom, (NA), CCH began studying the Organon over 35 years ago. She was the editor of The American Homeopath for over 12 years and now edits Simillimum, Journal of the HANP. She is the author of the naturopathic textbook, Dr. John Bastyr: Philosophy and Practice. She also edited Dynamis Provings (Sherr), and The Dynamics and Methodology of Provings, second edition (Sherr). Her published provings include: Tiger Shark (Galeo c), Allende Meteorite (Fax c.), Tule Bluet Dragonfly (Ennall c), Blue Green Algae (Micro a.) False Fern Cycad, (Stang) and Wollemi Pine (Wolle). She teaches at Bastyr University, The Seattle School of Homeopathy and created the first online interactive course in homeopathy, "Homeotalk" (www.homeotalk.com). She is on the research board of the American Medical College of Homeopathy and lectures internationally. She has written hundreds of articles in homeopathic journals worldwide. Her biography appears on the WholeHealthNow timeline, Who's Who in America, and the New Age Encyclopedia. She lives in Seattle, Washington where she also writes screenplays, novels and librettos.